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The Close-Up Experience:

Nothing is more intriguing than intimate miracles performed for intelligent audiences; Sanj specializes in exactly this. Whether beside a table for two or around a standing group of ten, Sanj takes magic that might only be seen on TV to inches in front of your eyes. Sanj's private shows include sleight-of-hand demonstrations with borrowed objects as well as modern mind-reading. His skills have been honed to provide impactful, unforgettable moments. With over ten years of experience and thousands of performances under his belt, it's no surprise that Sanj's satisfied clients include:



A little bit about me...

Sanj became interested in close-up magic at age 10, when his parents took him to a magic shop in Disney World. Upon returning home, he tirelessly studied sleight-of-hand, psychology, and performance theory. Sanj began his career performing at local restaurants and birthday parties. As his performance style evolved, so did the gigs; by the end of senior year of college Sanj was performing at private parties and Fortune 500 events from Philadelphia to London. By performing for thousands of people, Sanj has refined his style to deliver a unique and memorable experience for audiences worldwide. Sanj is passionate about close-up magic because it allows him to connect with every audience member and ensure that they experience the magic first hand - both figuratively and literally. Sanj now resides in Austin, Texas, but performs all around the country. Ready to make your next event extraordinary? Sanj is - but don't take his word for it, read what others have to say below. 



Wow! Professional and unbelievable! Sanj astonished guests of all ages at our company party. He was easy to work with and very charismatic! These are not your father’s magic tricks. You won’t want Sanj to leave and you will definitely have him back.
— Tom R, CEO, Cloudera
I was so impressed with you - not just your awesome magic, but your whole demeanor and professionalism. Thank you so much for being an integral part of of our event!
— Kellyn K, VP Marketing, UBER
Sanj performed for our members during cocktails around the bar and while dining, tableside. His technique was very unobtrusive and welcoming. Everyone of all ages was captivated and in awe with amazement. He is very personable and entertaining.
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